Community Strengths

Engaging strengths in communities to create positive change.

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Community Strengths

Strengthening relational connections around issues that matter to us.

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Community Strengths

Supporting new, more generative conversations around issues that are challenging.

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Community Strengths

Constructing new stories that make us stronger and build better worlds.

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Creating Aging-Friendly Communities

Creating Aging-Friendly Communities brings together individuals and organizations working to make their communities more aging-friendly. It is a unique online resource focusing on creating a conversation about strategies for helping communities respond effectively to the aging of their populations.

Families Thrive -
Childhood Exposure
to Violence

The research is clear – exposure to domestic violence can greatly impact a child’s healthy development including their emotional, mental, and physical health. Left unaddressed this impact may carry into adulthood.

Families Thrive brings together organizations in the community to marshal resources and support partnerships to address the needs of children, youth and families impacted by domestic violence.

Choppin' it Up -
Youth Dialogues for
Positive Change

Choppin’ it Up integrates with, supports, and builds upon existing efforts in communities, providing an important strengthening of youth voice and participation in the co-construction of environments in their home, school and community that support resilience and pathways to health and well-being.

Partnerships and
Community Building

Building community agency and capacity is most powerful when it engages all ages and cultures. Intergenerational dialogues and partnerships create opportunities to challenge our thinking, strengthen our relationships, revisit our assumptions and beliefs, and consider new approaches that are critical to address important issues in our communities.

Community Strengths works with communities as people and organizations come together to provide vital supports and opportunities that increase protective factors and help support resilience and positive human development throughout the lifespan.